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Neil Ware, director of Just Safety Advice has an experienced history including being a professional firefighting officer for over 25 years, in which the dangers of fire and importance of fire safety first made its mark. Neil then joined Work Safe Victoria for 7 years as an authorised Inspector, where the need for occupational health and safety became clear in order to keep employees and worksites safe for all. Being a family man, Neil then found himself drawn to OHS and its ability to protect not only the employees but the families they are part of. Leading to 9 years as a professional Health and Safety Practitioner both in Australia and internationally.


During this time developing a career he continued to further educate himself and achieved numerous qualifications including, a Bachelor of Applied Management, Advanced Diploma in OHS, Diploma of Business (Auditing) and Diploma of Training and Assessment.

Technicians at Work

After his long career, Neil has decided to merge his experience in the fire brigade and OHS to form Just Safety Advice, with the main goal of assisting, educating and protecting the public with fire and occupational safety.

We at JSA strive to Be Fair, Be Honest and Be Reliable, bringing the same practical approach, experiences and passion for safety brought upon by Neil, in order to provide full client satisfaction and make your workplace or home a safer environment for everyone.

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