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Fire Alarm and Panel Testing

Testing and inspecting fire alarm panels is an essential service provided by JSA. We send our technicians to inspect and certify all types of fire alarm panels are operating as per Australian standards ensuring your clients and your establishments’ safety.

These panels must be tested monthly, during this inspection is the examination of the Associated Occupant Warning Systems, often referred to as the Early Warning Intercommunication System or Early Warning System (EWIS or EWS).

This verifies that fire alarm detectors, break glass call points and sprinkler flow is reported to the alarm panel and where applicable the Alarm Signalling Equipment (ASE) operates correctly, notifying the fire brigade. Additionally, this testing will ensure that functions such as the Occupant Warning System, fire pumps, exhaust systems, self-closing Fire doors etc, are also operational in case of emergency.

Active Firefighting Equipment

Active Firefighting Equipment relates to systems or tools that combat a fire which has already broken out. This is an extremely important point of defence against fire, by having up to date and working methods of defence you can ensure your building and clients are protected. We inspect all active firefighting equipment such as sprinkler systems, hydrants, fire mains, fire hoses, hose reels, fire extinguishers, fire blankets etc. All equipment is thoroughly tested by our technicians to ensure that its operation follows Australian Standards and Building codes/Regulations.u.

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Emergency and Exit Lights

Lighting and signage are key in the safety of your establishment, we are able to inspect and bring to your attention any faults we may find, helping you and providing you with a full report and action plan needed to rectify any potential issues.

Australian Standards dictate that mandatory testing of emergency lighting and illuminated exit lights be conducted every six months. This ensures that all lights will continue to be illuminated for a minimum of 90 minutes in the event of a power failure.

Our technicians will conduct this testing and in the event of light or exit sign failure, we will report all issues and quote replacements and repairs with the aid of our qualified and expert partners in the electrical field.

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Passive Firefighting Equipment

Passive firefighting equipment is your first line of defence against the spread of fire and smoke. We ensure all passive firefighting equipment complies with Australian Standards and ensures the protection of people and property

We test equipment such as fire doors, smoke doors, smoke exhaust systems and fire detectors, to name just a few. All equipment is tested by our technicians to ensure that it operates in compliance with Australian Standards and Building codes/regulations.

Heating, Ventilation, Air movement and Conditioning

HVAC ensures your air is properly ventilated and safer not only during an emergency but at all times. This is an essential aspect of occupant safety that includes exhaust systems in the underground carpark, management of full range smoke exhaust and movement, fire stair pressurisation and fire damper controls. Your HVAC will be tested and inspected by our technicians in order to ensure all aspects of HVAC as well as any related components, are working as intended and meet all appropriate standards.

Maintenance and Handywork

Providing a well-rounded service is part of our goal here at JSA and this means being able to perform maintenance on all your fire safety needs. Additionally, we also offer handyman services for any odd jobs and pesky tasks that may be piling up. After which we will provide a report to building managers allowing an up-to date insight into the needs of the building.

We can perform fire safety related maintenance where a specialised operator is not mandatory. This can include but is not limited to, door adjustment/fitting, replacing back up batteries, replacing outdated fire extinguishers, fitting or removing hose reel/fire hydrant cabinets, sealing penetrations with fire-resistant products, mounting fire extinguishers, logbook cabinets and assorted signage.

In addition to the fire-related maintenance, we provide a large range of general maintenance and handyman services that do not require specialized individuals.

Presentations and Consulting

Here at JSA, we pride ourselves on our long history of experience through many fields, therefore we are more than happy to share that experience in any way you see fit by offering services such as consulting and presentations.

Neil Ware, the founder and director of JSA has served as a professional firefighting officer for over 25 years, has served 7 Years as an inspector with Victorian WorkSafe and has International experience of implementing health and safety in the Hydrocarbon field And has previously  taught Occupational Health and Safety on behalf of Holmesglen TAFE. Because of this long history in the field, Neil has a multitude of experiences and insights into many large scale and intricate issues which he can share via numerous mediums. 

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